FIT tells students not to fly internationally

The Florida Institute of Technology is sending the word out to the community that the school is committed to diversity. But it's asking students from seven Muslim countries to reconsider any travel plans.

Many international students at Florida Tech are worried about the Trump Administration's executive order concerning immigrants.

The university posted a message, advising students from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen to "carefully consider traveling outside the U.S. at this time." They also asked students here on visas traveling abroad over the next few months to "plan carefully, due to potential delays."

Florida Tech's president sent an email to the student body reaffirming their commitment to diversity.

Omar Galil is an FIT student from Egypt.  He says the school is a true melting pot.

“FIT is a is a strongly diverse university,” Galil said, “you meet people from all over the world.”

He says he has friends from the seven countries President Donal Trump singled out in his executive order, Middle Eastern neighbors. He says he understands America’s need to feel secure.

“We all suffer. Egypt suffered in the 90's. Europe has suffered, U.S. has suffered as well. So I understand the motivation behind making sure everyone is safe and making sure everything is well taken care of,” Galil said.

That doesn't make it any easier for many his friends. “Mind boggling a little bit,” Galil said, “you don't know what's going to happen next. You want to prepare. Should we prepare for the worst or better? It's kind of hard.”

Florida Tech says they have America’s most diverse student body. The school's administration says they're closely monitoring the situation and will keep students advised on what to do.