Flagler County man arrested for alleged chaos in an intersection, hotel

Chaos in an intersection.

Investigators say traffic camera video shows a driver pull up, get out of a car and open another driver’s door. But that’s not all the man is accused of doing.

A closer look at the video from an intersection in Palm Coast shows the moment deputies say the man reaches into the stranger’s car and takes a senior’s cell phone and cigarettes. That senior later told deputies he feared for his life.

Investigators say the suspect also parked his car directly in the middle of the intersection, blocking traffic, yelling, and clearly upset.  

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office says this is the same man they were already looking for in an incident at a nearby Econolodge Motel.

Deputies say cell phone video shows him throwing a garbage can lid at a hotel guest’s car, telling the gues,t "I got something for you!" while waiving around an item wrapped in a white cloth and then trying to run the guest over. The guest was able to jump out of the way.

Deputies later found the car and driver, Christopher Holmes, at the Econolodge. They say he was high on some type of narcotic.

Holmes is now charged and locked up without bond in Flagler County.

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