Flagler woman charged with killing husband

Deputies with the Flagler County Sheriff's Office have charged a 75-year-old Palm Coast woman with second degree murder, after they say she shot and killed her husband.  Deputies received a 911 call around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday from Anna Pehota, 75, saying she had shot her husband and she thought he was dead.  When deputies arrived on scene, they found Pehota and her 77-year old husband, John Pehota, dead in the front doorway of the home, from a gunshot wound.

Investigators said Pehota shot her husband, without provocation, after a dispute that took place home on Sanchez Avenue.  "I wanted to just plead no contest. Okay. I'm guilty. I did it," Pehota told the judge during a first appearance on Thursday.  "Ma'am, you can't, I'm not going to take a plea from you this morning. If you want a private attorney, you can do that. I'm just inquiring of your finances," replied the judge, who decided to keep her behind bars, despite her pleas.  "Never been arrested before," Pehota said. "I never had a problem with anything before. This is a domestic violence. It just happened."

This is the first murder of the year in Flagler County and it comes as a shock to neighbors. "I've lived here since I was eight years old, and I'm nearly 31," said one resident. "This is the first time I ever heard of a crime like that in this area."  The Sheriff's Office said it has responded to five calls made from the Pehota address since 2011, but none of the calls were violent in nature.  The Sheriff's Office did recover a gun at the scene.