Flight attendants to rally at Sanford airport demanding more safety against unruly passengers

Flight attendants are fed up with bad behavior on flights and they're spreading the message one airport at a time.

Some flight attendants will be rallying at the Orlando Sanford International Airport on Thursday for the ‘Assault Won’t Fly' campaign. Workers want Congress to get involved to make their jobs safer. 

Transport union members – including flight attendants and other airport workers – will be at the airport to spread the message. The same type of gathering happened at Orlando International Airport on Wednesday. They passed out wristbands and postcards with information to try and get the word out.

Workers want Congress to pass an act that will create a "banned passenger list" for anyone convicted of assaulting an airline employee.

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One flight attendant told FOX 35 News there were almost 6,000 incidents in just one year.

"It's a 4000% increase. We know a lot of that may have to do with mask compliance. About 3,500 are related to mask compliance, but they are continuing," said flight attendant Thom McDaniel. "It's a problem with delays, people are frustrated and they are taking it out on airline employees and that's unacceptable."

The rally at the Sanford airport will run from 10 a.m. to noon.