Florida deputies rescue dog left on boat after owner is hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms

Deputies came to the rescue of a German Shepard on Friday after the dog was left on a boat because its owner was hospitalized with possible COVID-19.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office says the owner made a desperate plea for them to take care of his dog.

"The owner contacted MCSO to say he had no choice but to leave his beloved German Shepherd behind alone inside the boat as he was hospitalized for the illness," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. "MCSO’s Marine Unit worked with Animal Services Officers to create a plan that would ensure the safety of the officers boarding the boat and the rescue of the stranded animal." 

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Covered head to toe in personal protective gear, the team headed out to the vessel and located the dog on board. The dog was brought back to shore.


The sheriff's office says the pet will be taken care of at a facility until the owner recovers from the virus. 

"Nice work by an amazing team dedicated to getting the job done, despite the circumstances." 

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