Florida kayakers encounter monkeys diving into river

A man from Ocala captured a video of several monkeys diving into a river while he was kayaking last week.

Kayaker Rod Guyn told FOX 35 that “At first, I was confused about what’s really going on because I’ve never seen or heard anything like that,” Rod Guynn of Ocala said.

Kayaking on the Silver River at Silver Springs State Park is a weekly thing for Rod Guynn. But, seeing monkeys belly-flopping in front of him is not.

“I’ve never heard monkeys making that sound,” Guynn said. “(I’ve) never really seen monkeys in the water that much and certainly not making a smacking sound.”

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Guynn said he was so caught off guard by what he was seeing. He had to pull out his cellphone and record it.

“I immediately start thinking, ‘Oh this is something that possibly no one has ever seen,’ because I’ve never seen it or heard of it,” Guynn said.

Guynn describes the scene as unique.

For a second, he was wondering if those monkeys wanted to hitch a ride.

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“I was concerned that some of them, because they were almost indiscriminately diving, could possibly hit the kayak or land in it,” Guynn said.

He’s still scratching his head, trying to figure out why the monkeys all dove into the water like that. He said he may never know, but is glad he was there to witness it.

“This was not anything planned on my part,” Guynn said. “I just happened to be the guy in the kayak coming around the bend when this was happening.”