Florida man armed with machete crawls into bed with victim, says 'I love you' before being killed by deputies

A Florida man was killed after he allegedly broke into a house and got into bed with the homeowner, all while carrying a machete.

The incident happened in Fruitville, Florida, on Thursday when police said that the homeowner – who was sleeping in an apartment connected to his home –  told 911 that there was a man in the unit. The suspect was reportedly sharpening a machete with a baseball bat, according to deputies.

"I have an intruder that broke into my home. He’s got a d--n machete and he’s a little whacked," the 911 caller said.

When Sarasota County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived at the apartment, they found the suspect inside.

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The homeowner told the 911 dispatchers that the intruder woke him up and said, "I love you."

"I woke up on a mattress and there’s a guy lying next to me saying, ‘I love you.’ I’m weirded out. He’s got my machete in his hand. Boy, thank God they got here quick," said the homeowner.


Sarasota Co. Sheriff's Office

When four of the deputies went into the apartment unit, the sheriff's office said the suspect charged toward the deputies with the machete and sliced one of the deputies on the hand, injuring him severely, according to the sheriff's office.

"I pray to God he doesn’t lose his fingers or his hand. I can tell you it’s not life-threatening, but they are critical injuries," a spokesperson for the sheriff's office said.

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Two of the other deputies then shot the suspect, who was later pronounced dead. The homeowner was not injured. 

"Unfortunately, this was a bad ending to a really bad situation," the spokesperson said. "Any day that our deputies have to fire a weapon, it is not a good day."

The suspect has not been identified, but the sheriff's office said he is a white male. The spokesperson said the suspect and victim did not know each other. 

The deputy whose hand was sliced by the machete will require surgery on his hand, but the injury is not life-threatening.

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