Florida man destroys framed photo of Ron DeSantis displayed at bar, owner says

A framed photograph of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was pulled off the wall of a Brevard County bar and then smashed, the bar owner tells FOX 35 News.

It happened at the Westside Sports Bar and Lounge in West Melbourne. Owner Gary Kirby said it was all caught on a surveillance camera.

In the video, a man appears to take the framed picture of the governor off the wall and walk back to the men's restroom. Kirby said he believed the man damaged the picture during the time he was in the bathroom. He said he is worried this event will bring about future politically-motivated vandalism and property damage.


"With the election year coming up, I want -- I will have -- zero tolerance for any behavior like this," said Kirby. "We put things on the wall that we work hard for and we appreciate on the walls, and that's where they're gonna stay!"

No arrests have been made.