Florida burglary suspect was inside home for nearly 2 hours as family slept, resident says

A Central Florida man who was on probation for a burglary charge is behind bars again after being caught on camera, accused of stealing items from a home while the family slept.

The alleged theft happened about 2 a.m. last Wednesday morning when Adam Perdue's Ring cameras at his home near Tangerine Avenue in unincorporated Seminole County captured the man entering through his backyard door, which he thought he had left locked and secured.

"We didn't hear anything at all. It was unbelievable," he said. "It was awful to think of someone walking around while you're at your most vulnerable, completely asleep."

For nearly an hour, Perdue said the man made 21 trips in and out of his home, stealing his wallet, the family's Nintendo Switch, some liquor, and even his son's iPhone from his nightstand.

"He's standing in their room while they're asleep, and that's an absolutely horrible, horrible feeling," Perdue said.


Later that morning, the man also tried to break into another nearby home, but the homeowner chased after him, according to Seminole County sheriff's deputies. He ended up again inside Perdue's home for about 45 minutes before he eventually left. The family didn't find out about the burglary until they woke up and Perdue's son couldn't find his phone. 

"Both of my sons, they're quite rattled, but my youngest, especially. He's had trouble sleeping since this happened. He doesn't want to be in this room alone," Perdue said.

Neighbors told deputies the man was 40-year-old James Danforth after identifying him on Perdue's surveillance video. He's on probation, accused of breaking into a bar in January 2022. He was known, neighbors said, for doing yard work in the area and is homeless. 

Perdue is just thankful he's off the streets. 

"One of the boys could have woken up. That could have been awful. I could have gotten hurt if had I woken up, or I could have possibly ended someone's life," he said.

As of Monday night, Danforth remained in the Seminole County jail. A judge did not issue him a bond for his burglary and grand theft charges during a hearing last week. He is due in court next month.