Florida motorists receive $4.3M in toll breaks in September through SunPass Savings program

Toll road

The Florida Department of Transportation reported Thursday that 361,000 SunPass users saved $4.3 million in September under a discount offered to frequent users of toll roads. 

Introduced in late August and started on Sept. 1, the six-month discount period provided an average of a little more than $11 in savings for motorists in September. Under the program, 20 percent credits are provided to motorists with cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks who have at least 40 toll transactions a month. Also, 25 percent credits are provided to people who use toll roads 80 or more times a month. 

"Toll facilities all over the country are raising toll prices, but Florida’s Turnpike is doing the opposite. We are proud to be rewarding our loyal customers with this savings program during this time of need," said Nicola Liquori, Executive Director and CEO of Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise. 


Department of Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue called the program a hedge against inflation. 

"The SunPass savings program helps frequent customers direct their toll savings to other important expenses," Perdue said in a prepared statement. 

The plan is expected to cut toll collections, which typically are used for building and improving roads, by about $38 million. The state will tap a budget surplus to make up for the lost transportation dollars. Gov. Ron DeSantis, as he campaigns for re-election, said he wants to expand the program during the 2023 legislative session.