Forecasters eye disturbance in western Caribbean

Forecasters are keeping an eye on a disturbance in the western Caribbean that has some potential of developing into a tropical storm or even a hurricane, which could form in the Gulf of Mexico next week.

The disturbance continues to battle moderate to high wind shear. As this area drifts slowly north through the weekend into early next week, shear will begin to lessen, and it’s possible a tropical depression or weak tropical storm will form. TRACK THE STORM:

"Some models say something is going to develop out of that; other models say nothing will," said FOX 35 Chief Meteorologist Glenn Richards.  "If it does, it would be the middle of next week and would impact the north and central coastline of the Gulf of Mexico."

The storm would be named Michael if it becomes more organized.  At the very least, the Florida Peninsula could expect breezy conditions, increased rain chances and the potential for localized flooding. 

Regardless of tropical cyclone formation, this disturbance will continue to bring torrential rains primarily to portions of Central America and the Yucatan peninsula during the next few days.