Former substitute teacher arrested a second time

St. Cloud police detectives on Tuesday re-arrested a former substitute teacher, charging her with tampering with police evidence related to her first arrest on a sexual battery charge earlier this month. 

Detectives recovered Sara Moore's cellular phone which they said contained evidence to her arrest on 10 counts of sexual battery on a minor, a felony.  Authorities said Moore, 35, was told the phone would be submitted into evidence pending issuance of a search warrant.  

On Tuesday afternoon, investigators said Moore entered a Verizon Store requesting information on how to remotely delete information from her phone, saying she was in trouble with the police.  After the store reported the incident, Moore was arrested and transported to the Osceola County Jail.

Moore, who has substituted at St. Cloud Middle, St. Cloud High and Harmony High schools, is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy.  She stood with arms crossed and shook her head several times during an appearance before a judge on Wednesday.  

Prosecutors argued that there is proof that Moore tampered with her cell phone. "The phone was removed from evidence and now has a pass code on it which prevents law enforcement from being able to access the phone to execute a search warrant," the prosecutor told the judge. 

Moore's attorney said his client had gone to the Verizon store to reactivate her daughter's old phone.  The judge ruled that Moore is to be held in jail without bail.