FOX 35 EXCLUSIVE: Insight into teen accused of attempted murder in attack of jogger

It’s never a thought that crossed his mind. 

The boyfriend of 18-year-old Logan Smith's mother opened up to us about the teenager he has known for only a year.  Deputies said Smith is accused of attempted murder in the attack of a jogger. 

"He wouldn’t have been the kid you invited to the cool parties. He wouldn’t be the kid that had the cool shoes," his father-figure said.

Smith was arrested near his home in Cocoa after Brevard County sheriff’s deputies said he tried to strangle and kill the jogger, who then fought him off and held him down.
Smith told deputies he planned to keep the jogger’s body in his closet, so he could "play with the victim to fulfill his sexual fantasies."

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Logan William Smith

Logan William Smith, 18, of Cocoa, is charged with attempted murder.

The report also states that Smith told deputies he decided he wanted to kill the victim after watching the horror movie Scream.
"We just thought it was odd that he wanted to go out to the movies by himself. A person like Logan is more of a loner. They don’t like to go out of their comfort zone," he said.

He says Smith has been struggling since his dad died in a car accident five years ago. Now, their family is going to get a lawyer and get him the help he needs.

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"We are all at a loss for this. It is hard to wrap your mind around the thoughts that were going through his head and what he wanted to do," he said.

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