Fugitive nabbed after taunting deputies on Facebook

Francisco Valdez was the "Friday Fugitive" for Flagler County, wanted for a violation of probation in reference to a burglary of a home with people inside. His name drawn from an old lottery ball machine

The sheriff was hoping by posting the Facebook Friday Fugitive he'd get tips on Valdez's whereabouts.
Instead, Valdez himself comments on the video on this Facebook post, asking for royalties.

Sheriff Rick Staly said, "He wanted 10 thousand dollars for being on the video. Then he used an inappropriate word after that."

Then he goes on to comment on the new sign at the jail. A neon sign that reads "The Green Roof Inn." 

One man writes, I love the new sign and Valdez says " I do too. I find it hilarious."

On Wednesday, deputies tracked Valdez down to a home in Citrus County where he was celebrating Valentines day with his girlfriend.

"He was already somebody we obviously wanted. But, now he went to the top of that list. If you're going to taunt a Flagler county deputy you can bet we will find you," said Sheriff Staly.