FWC investigates dead sharks at Titusville park

Kyle Bramblett comes to Kennedy Point Park in Titusville to enjoy the fishing and the picturesque scenery.

"It's a great view and there's some nice fish here, some trout and red fish, it's just a nice place to come in the evening and relax and have some fun," Bramblett said.

It's the last place he'd expect to find dead sharks.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says it appears someone dumped three juvenile bull sharks within the last 24 hours, after gutting them.

“ I can't believe they'd just gut it  and throw their bodies away, make them go to waste,” Bramblett said.

Thursday afternoon, officials from FWC came to the park to recover the sharks, now they'll be taken to evidence as part of their investigation.

FWC says that, not only is the dumping illegal, but even having a juvenile bull shark is illegal, since they are protected.  Now, they're trying to get to the bottom of who did it.

“Bull sharks, we already don't have a lot in here, so if someone's getting the young ones, and gutting them and killing them then, I'd be nice of them to find it.”

Anyone with information should contact FWC at 1-800-636-0511.