FWC investigating bear shooting in Seminole County

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is investigating the death of a black bear on McKay Street in Sanford Wednesday morning.  FWC followed a blood trail down the street.  They think the bear was shot, then dragged to nearby Bookertown Park. 

Clarence Troutman said he woke up to gun shots at around 4 a.m.

"I ain't running out the door to get shot! You know what I'm saying? So I rolled over and pulled the covers up and go back to sleep."

The bear that was found dead Wednesday morning was a five or six-year-old female.

"Bears are very common in the state of Florida, especially right now.  They're moving through different areas," explained FWC's Chad Weber.  "The area where we are at, you have Wekiva State Park and Seminole State Forest.  Bears tend to move through areas like that and will be in urban areas."

Neighbors said they see quite a few bears in this area and believe they come around for the trash. The city is working to get bear-proof trash cans in this area.

Troutman said, "When we gonna learn to get along with nature and bears and stuff?  You know what I'm saying? They're God's creatures, just like we are."