Gainesville mayor says city must be inclusive

Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe wants to send a message to residents that the city is and will continue to be a welcoming and inclusive place.

According to a city spokesman, a news conference was held on Monday to counteract what the Mayor's Office described as anxiety and concerns among residents of discrimination, resulting from the outcome of the presidential election, in which Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

"We need to be respectful of different perspectives and opinions, while standing up for the values that make us Gainesville," the mayor said.

Mayor Poe spoke to a crowd of about 20, mostly comprised of members of the media.  

According to the Gainesville Police Department, officers are investigating two incidents, in which two white men are alleged to have hit and spit on someone without provocation, while yelling, "Let's Trump Down!"  and "This is for Donald Trump!"  The victim in this incident, described as Hispanic, was physically unharmed.  Police said store surveillance video appears to corroborate the story.  

Officers are also investigating an incident in which a black, female community leader had received threats.