Gainesville road rage suspect behind bars

Charles Bryant, 65, of Gainesville, is in jail because of a road rage incident Tuesday afternoon, at 2308 SE Hawthorne Road in Gainesville. The first victim was a woman.

Ben Tobias a spokesperson for Gainesville Police said, “This is just a very extreme case of it, after listening to the female.”

The arrest report said Bryant aggressively changed lanes behind the woman’s car and aggressively followed her in his pick-up truck, within inches of her rear bumper. Bryant’s driving was so aggressive, the report said, the woman was afraid she or her three kids in the car, ages one-and-a-half, 6, and 4, would be hurt or killed.

Tobias said, “He also then cut off a person riding a motorcycle and actually stopped his vehicle, got out, and started striking the motorcycle rider.”

In the report, Bryant hit the motorcycle with his truck, hit him on the helmet, and yelled to the motorcycle rider
“Here’s how you ride that bike n-word. I’m gonna kill you!”

Tobias said Bryant, “…told police nothing to give us an understanding of why he would do such a thing.”

Bryant is locked up in the Alachua County Jail on felony aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges.