Gas prices in Florida are the lowest they've been so far this year, but how long will that last?

Florida is getting its holiday gifts a bit early this year in the form of relief at the pump!

Gas prices in the Sunshine State are at the lowest they've been all year, according to a new report from AAA. On Sunday, the state average was $3.17 a gallon, 5 cents cheaper than the previous low set in March. 

 "Florida drivers are now finding some of the lowest pump prices since December 2022," said AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins. "Drivers are even finding pump prices below $3 a gallon in some cities. In fact, about 20% of Florida gas stations now have gasoline priced below $3 a gallon. 

"Even more are likely to follow, this week." 

Why are gas prices low?

Jenkins said the seasonal decline in driving demand, gasoline supply builds and falling oil prices are contributing to the recent price drop. 

How long will low gas prices stick around?

These low gas prices are expected to hang around through the holidays, Jenkins said. That, however, could change unless there's an unexpected disruption to fuel supplies or a sudden spike in oil prices. 

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