Gavin Newsom on donating $100K to Ron DeSantis' opponent: 'I like Charlie Crist and I don't like bullies'

The Gubernatorial feud between California's Gavin Newsom and Florida's Ron DeSantis continues.

The latest came from Newsom revealing he had donated $100,000 to DeSantis' opponent and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Newsom explained in his Los Angeles visit that he prefers Crist and doesn't support politicians who "demean people."

"You want to ask what my ‘why' is in life? I don't like bullies.," Newsom said. "I didn't like what DeSantis said about Fauci, that you may disagree with him, but to call someone pejorative terms because they're short. Who the hell are these guys? What kind of people are they?"

Newsom compared DeSantis' rhetoric to former President Donald Trump.

"I know all of us had to, you know, sit there and suck it up and take Trump's demonization. But not everybody has to act like him," Newsom said. "I got four kids. I don't want these guys being role models. Attacking LGBT community, attacking women. I mean, this guy is so extreme."

Newsom not only confirmed his donation but he also he doubled down on his support for Crist.

"I'm standing up for this as a human being," he explained. "Got to use those dollars. I hope others of you send money to send a message that if that's the future of the damn Republican Party, this country is in real trouble."

Earlier in the summer, the California Governor made headlines after releasing a campaign ad in Florida taking shots at DeSantis.

"Freedom, it’s under attack in your state. Republican leaders, they’re banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors," Newsom said in the ad.

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