'Get him off, please!' Florida K-9 chomps down on accused car thief's backside during chase

A Florida K-9 took a bite out of crime, literally, in Marion County. New bodycam video shows it all started when a deputy spotted a stolen car in Ocala last month. It ended with the suspect begging for help.

Investigators say K-9 Jax latched onto the rear of 29-year-old Matthew Gebert. Minutes earlier, a deputy started following Gebert in a suspected stolen car. The deputy spotted the car near 32nd Street and 3rd Avenue July 31. He called for backup, but says Gebert started driving recklessly.

The deputy chased Gebert for several miles, blowing through stop signs and red lights, the video shows. At one point, Gebert's accused of flying through a busy highway without slowing down. Eventually, the deputy says Gebert stopped in a residential area and tried to make a run for it.

The deputy followed behind K-9 Jax who caught up to Gebert and got a firm hold on a very sensitive area.

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"Show me your hands! The sooner you show me your hands, the sooner I take the dog off. Let me see your right hand!"

The deputy then moved in for the arrest as Gebert begs him to pull off the K-9.

"Get him off, please!" the suspect screams. 

"Don't fight. Soon as I get you in handcuffs, soon as the dog goes off, okay? Hold on buddy, hold on."

Deputies say that Gebert was out on active felony probation and had cocaine and other drugs on him. He's now in the Marion County Jail being held without bond.