Good Samaritan helps boy after thief steals lawn equipment

Twelve-year-old Diezel Depew was cutting a lawn near Kumquat and 30th Street in Edgewater on Thursday, when a thief stole the rest of his lawn equipment.

"Somebody just came up and took it all. My blower, two weed whackers and two gas cans full of gas," he explained.

As FOX 35 News was interviewing Depew, a good Samaritan named Brian Traster showed up with several gift cards and some lawn supplies for Dewpew.  He had heard about Depew's situation on Facebook.

Traster said, "It kind of hit home. We've had stuff stolen too you know and I was like, lets help this young entrepreneur out and see what we can do. To be honest the community has been crazy, just great."

Depew thanked Traster repeatedly, and said, "I can't believe it. I'm so happy there's still good people in Florida Shores! "

Edgewater Police say they have some good leads in the case.