GOP lawmakers call for removal of State Attorney Aramis Ayala

A group of Republican state lawmakers, led by Rep. Bob Cortes, called on Florida Governor Rick Scott to remove Ninth Circuit State Attorney Aramis Ayala from office.  

Rep. Cortes says he’s making the request,  because Ayala refuses to seek the death penalty in any cases during her tenure in office. That refusal includes the high profile case against Markeith Loyd who is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend as well as an Orlando police officer.

Cortes says, “Article 4 section 7 of the Florida Constitution says the governor may suspend based on neglect of duty. By not reviewing each case based on the aggravated circumstances and her blanket statement of not seeking the death penalty cases moving forward I believe this is neglect of duty.”

Gov. Scott was in Edgewater on Tuesday and would not comment whether he is actively considering removing Ayala from office.

“The way I look at it is, I’m gonna continue to think about the victims. I’m gonna think about the families. I’m gonna go and look at the cases and make sure the right thing happens here. If you’re elected as a state attorney the expectation is you take the time to review the facts of each case. And that’s what she should be doing,” Governor Scott says.

FOX 35 contacted the Ninth Circuit State Attorney’s office, but they declined to comment on these latest developments.