Group rappels down 28-story Orlando hotel to raise awareness about drug addiction

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The fight against addiction is going to new heights -- 28 stories to be exact.  Sixty-five people rappelled down the side of the Hyatt Regency on International Drive to raise money and awareness in the fight against one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

Samantha Murray did it in her brother’s honor. David Murray died in July. He overdosed after a decade long battle with drug addiction.  “I love sharing his memory and I love doing something that is going to help other people,” Murray said.

Samantha raised $1,100 in David’s name for Shatterproof, an organization dedicated to fighting drug addiction.
Founder Gary Mendell said the money will be used for research and to fight the stigma that surrounds addiction. Mendell’s own son took his life in 2011, after 13 months sober, because of the shame his drug abuse caused him. It was Brian Mendell who inspired Gary to start Shatterproof.


“The day that Brian died, about 370 others died the same day,” Mendell said, “370 families shattered forever, as mine has been. And inconceivably, every single day since, 370- 400 people [have died], it’s growing, with people dying from overdose of heroin and prescription pain killers.”

Shatterproof aims to change that, and bring new perspective to drug addiction, one story at a time.