Groveland teens arrested for school, church break-ins

Groveland Police say three teens have been arrested for breaking into and vandalizing a church and school.

The Praise Temple Church of God had to deal with holes in the wall, shaving cream all over the place and trashed rooms on Good Friday.

“We’ve been here for 25 years and never had anything like this happen before,” said Pastor Clayton Langley.

This is the second time the church has dealt with a burglary in less than two weeks.

Police say on April 3, the church’s school was ransacked and thousands of dollars in electronics were stolen. Then they say the church was broken into Thursday night. 

“The fact that they took these electric wheelchairs and just rammed them into the walls and busted up sheetrock and just throwing stuff everywhere, breaking microphones, just unnecessary,” Langley said.

Investigators say three teens were spotted near the church, interviewed and arrested. They say one suspect is 19-year-old Donald Perry and the other two are just 16 years old.

“I’m not angry. A little disappointed and maybe a little discouraged,” said Judy Langley, the pastor’s wife.

Church leaders say people stepped in to help with clean up right away and get the church back in shape for Easter Sunday.

They say they don’t know who the suspects are but detectives say one of the teens had been to the church before as a guest.

“I’m praying for them and if they watch, I would love for them to know that were praying for them and no hard feelings. Walls can be repaired but lives need to be changed,” Judy Langley said.

Police say other businesses were damaged Thursday night as well. That part of the investigation is ongoing.