Growing concerns for crowds trying to get help at ICE office in Orlando

There are growing safety concerns for the crowds trying to get help at Orlando's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office.

Many people have been camping out around the office desperate to meet with immigration agents.

Earlier this week, men, woman and young children braved the heat for the chance of getting an appointment with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – some putting up tents, prepared to stay the night to secure their spot. Lines have been out the door with another line on the other side of the road. 

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An ICE spokesperson told FOX 35 News that people who have recently crossed the border are required to come to offices like these. An immigration attorney says an influx of immigrants and a backlog caused by the pandemic is adding to the large crowds.

"Don't risk your own personal safety, or the safety of your family by camping out, by living on the street just to try to comply with an appointment that you're probably not going to be able to get into the building," attorney John Gian said. 

Business owners near the office say they’re concerned for these people’s safety.

"There are very young children running back and forth and this is a high traffic area," said John Ruggieri, who owns Sundance Printing. "Somebody whipping along at 40 miles per hour and you have a 4-year-old running across the street."

FOX 35 asked ICE about how they’re addressing this backlog and they told us they are looking into it.