Gun legislation a hot topic for 2017

Supporters of a new bill before the Florida State Legislature say they are doing it for the 49 victims of the Pulse tragedy.

“With all the chaos happening that night, I only thought I was shot three times in the beginning. I later on found out I was shot six times,” recalls Angel Colon, who survived the attack.

Pulse survivors like Colon are hopeful new legislation unveiled in downtown Orlando on Thursday will ban semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines in the state. State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith says his bill will save lives.

“I'm here to honor the 49 with action, bold unapologetic action that will take the 'mass' out of 'mass shootings,’” Smith said.

The bill would ban all sales of semiautomatic weapons in Florida. Any magazines that hold more than 7 bullets would also be outlawed.

Gun rights supporter, lawyer Kevin Maxwell, says he understands the sponsors intentions, but says the bill is a non-starter.

“That's been presented many, many, many times in the past,” Maxwell said, “all unsuccessfully.”
Observers predict the same outcome this time around.