Harris Rosen on affordable healthcare

As three of America's biggest companies combine efforts to create a company to provide affordable healthcare, one in Central Florida is already doing that.

It looks like a normal medical center outside, but inside, only employees of Rosen Hotels and Resorts are getting medical care.

Employee James Volley says, "It is absolutely affordable. Even if we're not sick we can sign in and exercise."

President and Chief Operating Officer Harris Rosen says, they have the lowest turn over in the hospitality industry.

"I do believe one of the primary reasons is because of this facility."

As Amazon, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase create an independent company to provide healthcare  Rosen says, "It's about time. For too long we've been subjected to price increases on an annual basis."

But not his employees. Here it's about transparency. Rosen says a single person pays $850 a year for healthcare and a family pays $2,500 a year.

It's a fraction of normal health insurance costs.

"We saved $315 million dollars since we started the program."

At the Rosen Medical Center there's doctors, nurses and other medical specialists to make it convenient for the employees.

While the Amazon, Berkshire and JR Morgan Chase idea is still in the planning stages, for their estimated one million employees, Rosen believes it's a cure to stop those increased healthcare costs.

"Something extraordinary's going to happen."

James has been working security for Rosen for the last 25 years, he says it's been a blessing for him and his wife.

"When she's sick I live down the street. I can bring her here, I have the best of care."

Rosen says smaller businesses can combine their efforts too. He recommends having at least one thousand employees and buying a building with a doctor, nurse and other staff. He says it will save money for everyone.