'He opened that window. It's gone now!': Truck sinks at Florida boat ramp

Things did not go well for a Florida boater after a pick-up truck used to release the boat slipped into the water at a Port Canaveral access ramp. It happened late Thursday afternoon around 5:30 p.m.

"Apparently, the brakes on the truck slipped as the boat was being released into the water and rolled in," said Canaveral Port Authority spokesman Steve Linden. "The vehicle was removed from the water around 8 p.m."

In a video posted by Space Coast Daily on its Facebook page and shared with FOX 35 News, a witness described several attempts to get the truck out of the water.

"The guy was trying to get his boat out and the truck took a dive," the witness is heard saying. "He's gonna get that truck out of there -- it's full of water, but he's gonna get it out of there!"

After breaking into the truck's cabin to retrieve a cell phone, water poured in, and it sank beneath the surface.

"Trying to get his phone out of there," the witness said. "He opened that window. It's gone now!"

"I got a ticket this morning for no tail light and I thought I was having a bad day," said one person who commented on the post.  

"…that can happen to anyone that’s tired enough or not paying attention," said another. "I still don’t think it’s funny for the people that are laughing because like I said it can happen to anyone." 

Luckily, there were no injuries reported, Linden added. 

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