Heavy security presence at OIA; wait times unaffected

Security is heightened at airports around the country, following the deadly shooting incident at Fort Lauderdale International Airport on Friday which left five dead.

At Orlando International Airport, extra security details could be seen walking the terminals -- front and center -- to raise awareness that authorities are taking any potential threats seriously.   Dogs were present at ticket counters and there were added Homeland Security agents and armed guards. 

Law enforcement officials say the gunman in the airport shooting had a semi-automatic handgun.   Authorities say Army veteran Esteban Santiago departed from Anchorage, Alaska on a flight bound for Fort Lauderdale, specifically to attack.   In addition to those killed, several were injured.

FBI agents are looking at leads in several states as to a possible motive for the shooting and have not ruled out terrorism.   That prompted officials at OIA to increase surveillance. 

Passengers arriving and department OIA said there had been few slowdowns. The waits at checkpoints were generally no more than 20 minutes.