Hillsborough High student accused of bringing loaded gun on campus, Tampa police say

A Hillsborough High School student was arrested for bringing a loaded gun on campus Wednesday afternoon, Tampa police said. 

The 15-year-old student, who is not being named because of their age, was found with a loaded 9mm firearm wrapped in a t-shirt inside their bag, according to the Tampa Police Department. The school resource officer at Hillsborough High was notified by an anonymous student. 

The school resource officer immediately tried to find the student, who was not in their designated class, TPD officers said. The student was found by the school resource officer and staff during dismissal near the bus ramp. 

Investigators said she was escorted to the school's gym where they searched her backpack and found the gun. 

"There is no greater priority for our officers than student safety, and we are thankful that our SRO took the information shared with him seriously, taking action to find this student and secure a weapon that could have been used to cause serious harm to others," said Tampa Police Chief Mary O'Connor.

The teen was arrested on possession of a firearm on school property and minor in possession of a firearm charges, police said. TPD said they are investigating how the 15-year-old got the gun and their motive for bringing it to campus.