Home partly built on public land to be moved

A home under construction in Volusia County will soon be moved off city property, according to the builder.

Travis Martin, of Trayton Homes, says the house on West Ohio Avenue will be shifted about 40 feet.

“We found out about a week or so ago that we built it on city land,” Martin explained.

Part of the home is sitting on a Lake Helen Park. It was supposed to be built closer to the empty lot on the other side.

“I don’t know exactly how it happened. As far as the drawn prints and everything they worked well. As far as our field team went -- we came out, saw some of their flags and that was our reference and we went from there. Honestly, it’s a mistake on our team's part and we want to make it right,” Martin told FOX 35 News.

Marking it right has meant meetings with city leaders. Right now, there’s a sign on the door saying work must stop until something it worked out.

“When I spoke to the builder he sounded like he was genuinely contrite. It was nothing that he did intentionally,” said Lake Helen Commissioner Vernon Burton.

Both sides agree that moving the house means it doesn’t have to be torn down and the city gets its land back.

“You try to look for the win, win solutions in a situation like this,” Burton said.

Martin says he’s receiving bids from companies to move the home. He hopes to have it done in the next few weeks.

“For me, it’s going to be an expensive lesson but a lesson. I’m looking forward to see how they do it if anything else,” he said.

Once the home is moved and completed, it will go on the market.