Homeowner ordered to pay fine for Van Gogh mural

A judge on Friday ordered the owner of a home in Mount Dora, Florida to pay a fine of $3,100 for having her house painted like Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Starry Night is considered a priceless piece of art, but now this mural will cost the owner Nancy Nemhauser big time after a judge ordered it to come down, with a price tag of 100 dollars for the 31 days it has stayed up.  The artist who painted this says it's not fair.

"It's a big loss for the city because it's supposed to be an artistic town and actually it's an improvement to the city," says Richard Barrenechea. 

But city attorney's say it violates city code.

"Based on the fact that the property owner has continued to aggravate the violation, making it worse by adding designs in direct contravention with your order, the city feels like the property owners are just snubbing their noses at the city."

The city says it also creates traffic issues as people stop to look at the home. We talked to one couple who's visiting the area.

Chaya Eliefja says "Saw this house and my husband said let's take a picture of it. And what do you think of the house? I think it's fantastic."

Ari Eliefja agrees, saying, "We have Christmas displays all over the place. People stop, they gawk, people come to Mt Dora to see the sights. Here's another sight to see quite frankly. It is somewhat of a fine line but it is personal expression."

The judge says he'll place a lien on the home if the fine is not paid.