Homeowner says wrong home raided by FBI

An Orlando man says the FBI raided the wrong home and made a mess of his house.  He wants someone to pay for the damage.  Oscar Capps says his front door was smashed open by agents and deputies as they burst into his home around 5:30 a.m. on Thursday.

"I had just laid down on the couch, when I see the lights," said Capps.  "I answered the door, like a normal person, they told me to put my hands up, I put my hands up, they told me to turn around and walk backwards.  I did everything they told me."

He said FBI agents and Orange County deputies mistook his home for his neighbor's home and that they had the wrong house.  He said they wouldn't listen and wrecked his home. 

"You see the couch is all torn up.  Look all the feet print, they come out of the yard.  Ripped that off, busted this window out, busted that window with a batter ram. That's where my son sleeps," he explained as he guided our crew through his home.

"I was scared," said 7-year-old Kota, who happened to be sleeping in another bed at the time.  Still, he was terrified. "I couldn't find daddy, and when I looked outside, they said, 'Get down!'"

Capps said, even as he was being handcuffed, he kept trying to explain to the authorities that this was a terrible mistake.

"He just kept telling me to shut up, I wasn't supposed to speak."

The FBI released a statement about the incident, in part saying, "The FBI had a valid arrest and search warrant for -- Cleburne Road. At the time of serving the warrant, the person of interest was located next door.
No further details can be released until after the warrant is unsealed."

But Capps said it was sloppy work.

"If they would have checked a little bit, they would have found out that's where he was."

Capps said the person of interest lives in a yellow house next door.  A witness said he saw the man being taken into custody. 

"I am really upset," said Capps wife, Cathy.  

She said she got a call from the FBI saying they do not plan to pay for the repairs.

"I don't think that's fair that they say they're not going to help me, when you destroyed my home. What do I do from here?" asked Capps.

The FBI said it is policy for homeowners to fix any damage and then send the bureau a bill. 

"It's the craziest thing that ever happened to me."

We connected Capps with the FBI via phone.  Later in the day, he received a call from the FBI asking that he send in a claim form.  He thanked FOX 35 for the help.