How to prep for Irma in case of water shortages

The good people at the Ten10 Brewing Company in Orlando are pouring water for people prepping for the storm. They’re proving there's more ways to get it than standing in line at the grocery.

Usually, Dan Miller takes a seat at the bar for a brew, but today he's getting ready for Irma.

“I went to Publix and Costco, they're both out of water – completely,” Miller said, “so you get to reuse it, don't have to buy something you're going to throw away later, and you get to use free, fresh water.”

Ten10 is pouring up to a gallon of water per person to anyone who shows up at their door with their own container.

“We do have an industrial filtration system. It's extremely clean, very well-filtered,” said Travis Saylor, a bartender at Ten10, “whether it comes from our draught on tap or out the faucets and hoses we clean our tanks with. It's very clean, filtered water.”

If the hurricane hits, water may be one of the main things you'll need. Bottled water pours off supermarket shelves, but until the storm arrives, your tap and any food-grade container will do just as well.

Another great resource is your bathtub. Clean and fill it with water before the storm and you have an emergency supply of clean, safe water you can use to wash, fill your toilet tank, or even drink if the pumps go offline.

So Dan Miller suggests skipping the line - when it comes to water, there's no place like home.

“It's the first thing people gobble up, hardest thing to keep on the shelves. So this seems like a great way to avoid the stores.”

The folks at Ten10 Brewing say they'll keep the taps - and the water - flowing until the hurricane forces them to stop.