How to take GOOD pictures of your holiday lights

Ever been disappointed with how pictures of your holiday lights turned out? You don’t have to be a professional to take good photos. 

This year these tips and tricks will help you capture your decorations in the best light-- literally: 

TIP 1: Use the lights to illuminate an interesting subject. The lights are pretty, but it’s the atmosphere that they create that makes for a warm holiday glow.

TIP 2: Adjust your distance. The further away you are from the source of light, the darker the photo could be. There has to be light in the photo, so if you’re taking a photo of a house at night from far away, you might be taking a picture of mostly black.

TIP 3: Experiment with angle. Get creative with your framing. Take a straight on selfie, or use a slight tilt to the camera for a totally new perspective.

TIP 4: Use a tripod, set your phone on a flat surface, or hold your breath while taking the photo. The steadier the camera is, the less movement you’ll see in the picture.

TIP 5: Use another source of light. If you you’re taking a picture of something (or someone) in front of lights, you’ll need additional light on your subject so they’ll show up in the picture, too.

TIP 6: Play with depth of field. Focusing on something in the foreground will create a “holiday light” bokeh effect in the background. Out-of-focus lights in front of your subject are also beautiful in pictures. 

BONUS TIP: If you’re working with a smart phone, switch it to portrait mode. The subject will be sharp, the lights in the background will blur, and everyone will think you’re a pro!

So get out there and experiment. You’ll have the best holiday lights (photos) on the block!