Indicted former Marion County deputy appears in federal court

Former Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Jesse Alan Terrell sat in silence Thursday morning, at the Federal Courthouse in Ocala.

In surveillance video released earlier this year, several former Marion County Sheriff's Deputies are seen beating Derrick Price in Marion Oaks back in August 2014.  Deputies said Price was wanted on a drug related arrest warrant. In the video, as Price lays down on the ground, with his hands out, deputies kick and knee him repeatedly.

Charles Holloman, Terrell's Attorney said, "That video shows a brief segment of an entire episode. It's like a snippet of it. There's a lot more to this case than that video."

Former Deputy Jesse Alan Terrell is one of five accused of wrongdoing. The other four already entered guilty pleas in Federal court. Terrell decided to fight the charges.

Holloman said, "I've said we're not guilty of this thing, and that's exactly where we plan on heading."  Holloman also said he is looking forward to a trial.  "We didn't move for a continuance. We're ready to go. They've got their story, we've got ours.”

The lead prosecutor, Mark Blumberg, a Special Litigation Counsel, Criminal Section, representing the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, politely declined to comment Thursday morning.

The trial is set for April 4, at the US District Court in Ocala.