Jailed mom ordered to not contact children

A Sanford mother charged with the death of her two-year-old daughter is now accused of trying to reach out to the woman who adopted three of her other children.  Now, a judge has ordered that Rachel Fryer not have any contact with her children, Talia, Icesis and Timothy. 

Penny Jones officially adopted the children in February 2015. She had been fostering the two younger kids since 2011 and took the third in 2014 after Fryer, their birth-mother, was charged with murdering their younger sibling Tariji.  

The adoption was made official in February but a few months later, in early July, Jones received a letter from Fryer in the mail.  Among several other things, the letter asked Jones to send pictures and reach out to Fryer's other children. After a second letter came in the mail from Fryer, Jones filed an injunction against her.

A judge made the no-contact order permanent on July 28 and Jones said she hasn't heard from Fryer since.