John Morgan's latest push to get medical marijuana on the November ballot

Attorney John Morgan has had 14 months to reflect on what went wrong with his first push to get a medical marijuana bill passed by Florida voters.  

"I think my chances are better than last time," Morgan said. "Last time I lost by less than 2 percent."

He needed 60 percent, slightly more than 58 percent of voters said yes to medical marijuana.

As promised, Morgan is back at it again trying get medical marijuana legalized in the Sunshine State.  

He says he already has more than the 683,149 signatures needed by the February 1st deadline.  

"We believe we've exceeded signatures total and we believe we've exceeded the counties needed," he said. "This time last year I was still out on the street gathering signatures and begging supervisors of elections to keep their doors open."

Morgan says he learned three valuable lessons after the 2014 vote.  

One, voter turnout is crucial.  

"Last time nobody voted in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami," he said. "It was an off-year election, not presidential, so turn out was bad."

Two, medical marijuana opponents found loopholes in the wording and capitalized on them.

"There was language inside of our ballot that gave the opposition "caregivers" I've tightened the language up so they can't have any red herrings."

Three, he was targeting the wrong generation of voters.  

He now says he and People United for Care need to focus their efforts on voters age 60 and older, who actually show up at the polls, not the college age crowd.

"I need to explain to them, 'hey guys we are going to need this because we are going to have cancer. We are going to be in hospice. Our bodies break down from 60-80. Do it for you. Do it for your wife. Do it for your friends.'"

Morgan says bottom line, he needs to educate those older voters.  

"I've got to explain to people the real medicinal value of medical marijuana and how there's 400,000 people in Florida right now that can benefit from this."

Morgan says he and United for Care plan to spend the next 10 months doing that.