Jurors unable to reach verdict in case of shooting spree suspect

After jurors failed to reach a verdict in the case of shooting spree suspect Victoria Rios, Judge Jon B. Morgan declared a mistrial on Thursday afternoon, just two days after her trial began. 

Rios, 19, is charged with first-degree murder of Eric Roopnarine, 22, who was shot and stabbed in his own home in 2013.  She was one of four co-defendants in the case; Konrad Schafer, David Damus and Juan Murial have already been convicted.  Schafer and Damus were each sentenced to life in prison while Muriel is serving a 10-year sentence, because he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. 

State Attorney Jeff Ashton had argued that the men used Rios to lure Roopnarine with the promise of sex for money.   Ashton said the group intended to rob Roopnarine before they brutally killed him.  He was first shot in the head by Damus, with a rifle belonging to Schafer.  Schafer then stabbed Roopnanrine multiple times in the neck.

Prosecutors said the rifle used in Roopnarine's death was the same one Schafer used to shoot and kill 17-year-old David Guerrero as Guerrero walked to a bus stop one morning.  Before Guerrero's murder, the four suspects were accused of driving around Osceola County over the course of several nights, firing into random homes. 

Rios returned to the Osceola County Jail after the twelve jurors deliberated over roughly 11 hours and informed the judge late Thursday that they could not agree on a verdict.  She will remain in the jail on a no-bond status until a re-trial.