Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist got his start in Ocala

Before Nyquist won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, he got his start in Central Florida. He was trained at the Niall Brennan stables in Ocala.
The stables seem to be a place where some winning horses get their start.
Orb, the 2013 Kentucky Derby Winner; 2013 Belmont Stakes winner, Palace Malace and 2016 Deby Winner, Nyquist, all were trained at Niall’s stables.
“It gives credibility to our program,” Niall Brennan told Fox 35’s David Williams. “We’re doing something right.”
Niall Brennan and his team bought thoroughbred Nyquist as a yearling in September 2014, then sold him to his current owners in March 2015 for $400,000.

For seven months, the stables were Nyquist’s training ground with other horses.
Brennan said, “It’d be kind of like boot camp for kids, you know.”
Boot camp beginning with baby steps. Things like getting them exercised, teaching them how to gallop properly and how to switch the leads.

They noticed Nyquist began moving to the top of his class.
Brennan said, “He wasn’t like the kid at the back of the class that’s always missing. He was up forward. He wanted to learn. He had the athletic ability. He was a beautiful physical specimen.”
The equine athlete moved right on up. Favorite horse Nyquist won the 142nd Kentucky Derby on Saturday.
Brennan said, “It was extremely exciting. It was exhilarating. We’re just blessed to be a part of his journey.”
His journey that got its start in Ocala.
Brennan said, “Hopefully there are more in the future because you never get tired of this feeling!”