Kirsten Dunst got accidentally stoned while filming 'Woodshock'

Kirsten Dunst had quite a 'Woodshock' on set!


Kirsten Dunst got accidentally “stoned out of her mind” while filming her newest movie. Dunst smoked an actual joint instead of one of the prop joints on set and opened up about the experience on Jimmy Kimmel.


“I wasn’t eating that much at the time, and so after we were done with the scene, I go back to this little bedroom to rest, and I started to feel like I was losing my mind. I went to the bathroom. I’m pacing. I’m shaking. I’m hot. I’m just flipping out… I was crying, laughing, eating a peanut butter sandwich. I couldn’t film anymore! They sent me home!”


'Woodshock' tells the story of a woman who falls into paranoia after taking a reality-altering drug; so you can imagine that this weed really got Kirsten Dunst into character… maybe a little too much!