Let it Glow: Submit your Halloween houses

FOX 35 Orlando is looking to feature the best houses decorated for Halloween -- both fun and spooky. Email photos of your house to letitglow@FOX.com. Please include your name, address, cell phone number, and additional information about your decorations (ie: how long it takes to set up, why you love Halloween, how many lights, inflatables, or other features that make your home unique).

Nonprofit gives recess kits to teachers

A nonprofit is helping teachers in Central Florida by giving them recess kits, including playground balls, soccer balls, jump ropes, cones and other play-time essentials. So far this year, Colleen Gonzalez and her organization have handed out recess kits to 800 teachers across five counties. But so much more help is needed.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando

From haunted houses and scare zones to ticket prices and rides – let us be your guide as you plan your future night of terror at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. Here's a preview of what to expect at the Yeti Campground Kills haunted house.

'Barbie' movie features Central Florida star

Barbie fervor has taken over the nation recently, but here at 1 Up in Orlando, there is a designated place to celebrate the release of the new movie. From Barbie’s kitchen to her couch, to her bathtub, 1 Up has it all. The arcade has an upstairs section dedicated entirely to Barbie. But that isn’t Central Florida’s only Barbie connection. A local named Ashely Young plays “Bionic Barbie” in the movie.