Lake County families need to select how their child will return to school by Wednesday

Lake County Schools says that parents need to choose how their children will return to school in the fall by Wednesday, July 29th. 

They will have until midnight that day to pick one of the four options for learning:

  • Traditional: School buildings will open five days a week, offering a traditional instructional plan to students who choose that option. Middle and high schools will operate on a modified block schedule, lowering class sizes and requiring fewer class transitions for students in an effort to minimize their risk of potential exposure to the virus.
  • Full-time online (new option): Daily instruction from teachers at the students' home school or a school in their geographic region, when possible. Students would not be required to withdraw from their brick-and-mortar school to pursue this option
  • Lake County Virtual School: Lake Virtual is a Lake County School with teachers, counselors, and administrators that have one goal in mind: the success of all LCS students! Students that select this option will be taking all of their courses online
  • Modified Day: The Modified Day will include instruction for Language Arts and Math in a traditional setting, with all other courses (such as Social Studies, Science, Electives, etc.) being held virtually.  Students will be assigned either a morning or afternoon session for the traditional instruction.  Mid-day transportation (coming to school or leaving) will be the responsibility of the parent.  

The Enrollment Intent Form can be found on the Lake County Schools website.

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Lake County public schools will reopen on August 24, two weeks later than the August 10 date originally set by the board. 

District leaders say that 58-percent of parents and students that responded to a survey last month say they feel comfortable returning to school campuses in the fall with safety protocols in place, but others had some reservations. 


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