Lake County shelter overrun with dogs

The Lake County Animal Shelter is over capacity, so there's a big problem with space.

The facility is only supposed to house about 125 dogs, and right now, they are closer to 200. These are dogs that would normally be housed in kennels on one end of the building, but they are now hunkering down in the offices of their human caretakers.

PHOTO GALLERY: Lake County shelter overrun with dogs

"So I do have four dogs in my office! We've got dogs in every available space right now. Because we have so many and not enough room," says Whitney Boylston, the director of Lake County Animal Services.

The kennels are so full, they had to erect temporary ones. Now, those are full. The front office is full. Even the reception area is packed. 

These are all great dogs, looking for "forever homes."  If you are looking for a forever friend, the shelter will hold a special event this weekend called, "Clear the Shelter." The effort is to get all the dogs (and cats) matched with new forever families. The pets can be viewed online, before the event. Visit

For more information, contact the shelter.