Lake County student struck near bus stop

It was a horrific scene, just feet away from a school bus stop on Grand Island Shores Road and Marina Way in Eustis. 

“It was one of those scenes that was like, 'Wow did this really just happen?'” said 18-year-old Javonte Brumfield. “He was walking from this side the left she was coming up the hill. She couldn’t brake hard enough to avoid hitting him.”

Brumfield said he heard a loud thud. 

“I saw him lying on the ground and everybody start running towards him, cause I heard the boom and then I took my headphones out.”
Eustis Police said it happened at 6:30 Monday morning.  Brumfield explained that the sun had not come up yet.  Police said the victim was wearing dark clothes and that right now it looks like an accident. 

“The driver pulled over and was interviewed at this point there is no charges,” said Brumfield.  

The incident happened just over Robert Crist’s fence. 

“Only parts I saw were from his neck up. There was blood over here and the top of his head was covered in bandages. My wife said she heard a lot of screaming going on and moaning and groaning from the pain,” said Crist.

Brumfield said it was awful. 

“I hope he feels better. It’s a bad thing to happen to you. You know it could happen to anybody. Push through it.  I just wish the best to him,” said Brumfield.