Lakefront chaos: Man on jet ski arrested for allegedly slapping 68-year-old woman

Chaos unfolded on a lake in Clermont after a group of jet skis surrounded a boat full of people, according to authorities.  The Lake Palatlakaha showdown was caught on cameras after a jet ski driver allegedly sped too close to the boat.

"It becomes a no-wake zone," said Tod Howard, the owner of the Carefree Boat Club. "And these jet skis just blew through it and kind of flew around them, and they said something to them as they were going into this narrow channel, and unfortunately it progressed from there rapidly."

An argument on the water turned violent. One of the jet skis rammed into the back of the rented ski boat, damaging it. Then, according to witnesses, one of the jet skiers slapped one of the boaters – the victim was a 68-year-old woman.

"I was floored," Howard said. "I’m like, ‘What kind of guy is going to do this, and a little old lady on a boat."

Back on land, Lake County sheriff's deputies caught up with their suspect, Juan Pareja.

"Don’t question me, because I didn’t do nothing wrong," Pareja said while getting handcuffed.

Bodycam video shows him arguing, saying he was the one who got hit, before getting arrested and taken to jail.

"Fortunately, he got caught," Howard said. "I hope the rest of his folks get brought into it and face the consequences for their actions.