Lakeland officer escorts mama duck and 12 ducklings out of road, into lake

Among the chaos of the coronavirus, there are still gems out there like this that give us a reason to smile.

The Lakeland Police Department posted a video of one of its officers escorting a family of ducks to a lake to make sure they got there safely.

Officer Bailey was on patrol when he spotted a mother duck and her 12 ducklings waddling from South Florida Ave. down Pine Street towards the station. 

"Since they were in the middle of the street, Officer Bailey pulled his patrol car behind the family to ensure they would safely make it down the street," the department wrote on Facebook.

Of course, the adorable family took a few detours on the way to the lake. Fortunately, Officer Bailey got out of his patrol car and followed them every step of the way until they made it to Lake Mirror "safe and sound for a cool dip in the water."

"Even during times of uncertainty, there are always things around us to smile about! Thanks Officer Bailey for taking care of these cuties."