Large repaving project begins in Lake County

Lake County is repaving 92 miles of road to keep up with all of the growth in the county.

“Lake County is growing from Clermont to Groveland,” resident Lori Beth Ucci said. “It’s really, really growing”

FOX 35 News spoke to county commissioners about the growth.

“Particularly in the last three, four, maybe five years, or so, now we’ve noticed just a great increase in traffic,” Lake County District Two Commissioner Sean Parks said.

The county is spending $10 million, which is money from a penny sales tax, to repave 92 miles of road.

“It’s an efficient use of tax dollars, but also, we just have a lot of people that are complaining about the roads,” Parks said.

Lori Beth Ucci lives along one of the roads in Fruitland Park getting a tune-up.

“The bumps on this road for the last ten years have been crazy,” Ucci said.

Lake County commissioners say this work is preventative and that it will make sure the roads are in good shape for all the extra drivers using them.

“It’s also a good way to keep up with growth, too,” Parks said. “Economic development, transportation, having good roads, they all kind of go hand-in-hand.”

The work started Monday and will go on for the next three years.

Some neighbors are all for the upgrades.

“I’m glad our penny taxes are going somewhere,” Ucci said.

Click here to view a map and a list of all the roads that will be repaved.