Law allows kids to attend school in another county

Seminole County parent Gabriel Aviles says he and his family moved to Seminole county for a reason.  “I live in a place where we chose the schools here that's why we moved here,” Aviles said.

Starting next school year, parents don't have to worry about where they live dictating where their kids will go to school.  Gov. Scott signed an education bill allowing parents to send their kids to school in a different county, but Aviles says he has some concerns.

"I'm one of those parents who's super engaged, so here I am finding out today that the governor signed something, where were the parent meetings at the county level," Aviles said.

There are some stipulations to the law: the school can’t be at capacity, parents must provide transportation,the student cannot currently be expelled or suspended, and students will only be eligible for a certain amount of time.

"Orange County Public Schools and all public school districts, you will have a transfer window, this isn't something where you can just wake up and roll out of bed one morning in August and say I think I'm going to go to school A, instead of School B,"  said Orange County School Board Chairman Bill Sublette.

Sublette says while it provides an opportunity for some families it could be unfair for other

“To have these beautiful facilities that our tax payers have built open to students from other counties that have not contributed to that cost, that just seems unfair,” Sublette said.

School districts in Central Florida will work together over the next couple of month to develop uniform policies for the new law.